A Tidy Up and Prayer Requests

The hoomans have had a tidy up in the “Piggy Room.” They got rid of the old sofa that the rabbits were using as their bed because it was horrible and falling apart. This means there is now more room in here. What does extra space call for? A move around!


They placed our food boxes up on top of the cupboard (where Billy and Cupcake’s cage was) and labelled them all nice and neat. Until a couple of days ago whee creatures were only on two types of food: Rabbit Excel for the rabboots and Guinea-Pig Excel for the guinea-pigs. Then, fur some odd reason both Cupcake and Billy stopped eating their nuggets. Noticing that they were eating hay, veg and still drinking loads the hoomans decided to try a new type of food! So far, and fingers crossed it will stay this way, they have been eating their pellets again. The pellets are also smaller so will be a better mouthful fur the baby piggies when they finally decide to be born! They are extremely wriggly now.


Our cages were also put down on the floor (up until now our cages were on the cupboards) so that the hoomans could use the surfaces for storage. If you were curious both of our cages are ‘Ferplast’ and I have a 100cm cage to myself! Billy and Cupcake share a 120cm cage which just meets the requirements of a pair of piggies.

Before you go whee would like to ask if you would say some prayers fur a couple of our furfriends and fur Cupcake.
1) A couple of our blogging friends, or their friends, have been to the vets recently. Whee want to pray for Archie over at My Three Moggies as he has been pawly recently. Our friends, the collies, have also been asking fur some prayer fur their friend, Rodney, who has also gone to the vets this wheek.
2) Whee also want to pray that missing pets might find their way home. Whee have been thinking of how pawful it would be to be away from our home and our hoomans and whee just want to pray that they might find their way home.
3) This one is fur us, whee want prayer fur Cupcake. Her behaviour has changed over the past few days so whee think they could be born very soon. Whee would all really appreciate if you would pray for a safe birth fur both her and the ‘squiggles’ and that she would be a good Mum and have the strength to raise them all.

Thank you furfriends, whee love you.

Dusty xx

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8 comments on “A Tidy Up and Prayer Requests
  1. I’m not much of a believer, but I will pray for all of them anyway, especially Cupcake and her squiggles 🙂


  2. Whee are definitely thinking of all those animals and little Cupcake. So many things can go wrong our Mummy says she would be a nervous wreck hovering by the cage with an emergency vet on speed dial! (she’s very paranoid!)

    Paws crossed here

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  3. We will happily pray that Momma Cupcake has healthy little squiggles and SOON! Also all stray animals who have no home – we pray for them all the time……and always will. Archie’s eye surgery will keep him from having ulcers any more so while it was an uncomfortable procedure he should be ALL better soon!!!!

    Happy Sunday
    Hugs, Sammy

    • Whee are glad to hear that Archie should soon be back to his old self. Whee really appreciate your prayers for Cupcake and her squiggles, it really does mean a lot to all of us.
      The Pigs (and their Mummy) xx

  4. Bongo says:

    Praying for all the animals that need it and especially for some cute and healthy little babies.

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