Trimming Time

Both me and Mop are PeruvianXAbyssinian which means whee have rosettes but our fur grows constantly. The hoomans arrived on the conclusion of what breed whee were after Whizz’s children were born. He and a short-haired produced several short-haired babies, one Abyssinian and one Peruvian. Therefore it makes sense that whee are Perussyinian.

However it also means that our rossetted hair grows constantly. Therefore from time to time whee need a trim to reduce matting.


It was ‘Trim Day’ tooday! Both me and Mop are very good when being trimmed, whee are used to it as it is a regular occurrence and both sit very still while the hooman’s trim our fur. Whizz was the real rebel, he used to run all over the place so it was a two hooman job where my brother was concerned!

Whee are now all tidy and neat but it won’t be long before our fur grows again!
Dusty xx

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4 comments on “Trimming Time
  1. That’s a LOT of furs! Maybe your human could make a playmate for you with it.

    Love and licks,

  2. Sage says:

    You are so good while getting all that fur cut off. I should take lessons…..

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