A Hut For Cupcake

Hey there, effurryone!


With my babies due any day now the hoomans have given me a little hut to have them in so that I, and them, feel safe. Whee will all keep you updated on the progress of the ‘squiggles’ but the hoomans seem to think that, any day soon, you will be getting a post about the birth. Please all pray that it goes well because I’m scared and my Mummy is very worried for me and the ‘squiggles.’


Here’s my lovely hut, with me (the glamour model) showing it off fur all of you!

Wheek to ya later,
Cupcake xx

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2 comments on “A Hut For Cupcake
  1. Cupcake we’ll be praying everything goes well for you and your little ones…that’s a very nice and private little hut for you to start your little family in…..can’t wait to see the little ones!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

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