Too Wet To Play

I was hoping, now that the nasty “Smog” has lifted that whee might have been able to go outside and enjoy the grass. Sadly it seems that it rained during he night so whee can’t go outside! How rude that it decides to rain?


I mean, look at all this grass that whee could be nomming on! Seems like only the birds dare brave the rain today. The little blue-flighty-birds are finding a new home and whee hope they chose our garden to live in!


I guess whee had better just find things to do inside today: like eat hay and sleep.


Dusty xx

Posted in From the Piggy Lips
2 comments on “Too Wet To Play
  1. Good plan, Dusty. I am also planning to eat hay and sleep. Except dogs don’t eat hay, so I will just sleep ….after I walk around the neighborhood in the rain and bark at the mailman.

    Love and licks,

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