Sweet Sticks

Whee have been enjoying a special treat this wheek. Our Mummy use to shop at the local pet store but after having a bad experience there they changed their loyalty. However, one of our favourite treats comes from there so whee beg our Mummy to sneak in effury now and again to buy us some!

Sunday was one of those days. She slipped into the shop and bought the sticks on the 3 for 2 deal that the shop has – more fur us!


Whee love these sticks so much and are particularly partial to the honey one. Sadly our hooman only gets them fur us every couple of months as the new place doesn’t sell them – this means whee have to make them last.


So eat slowly guys, eat slowly!

Mop xx

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6 comments on “Sweet Sticks
  1. Bet they don’t pay a blind bit of notice to you Mop 😀

  2. Gosh – those look (and sound) quite nommy!!

    Hugs, Sam

  3. yummy yummy! what are those called BTW?? And thank you ever so much for coming to my second blogiversary celebration today…paw hugs, Savannah

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