Going Bald

Going Bald

At the minute I am suffering from very itchy skin. The skin along my back is all scaly and I am beginning to make myself go bald from all my itching!

I will be going to the vet soon so that the scary-vet-healer-person can make me better. I don’t like being all itchy but, then again, I don’t really like the vets!

What’s that you say? Am I scared? Me? Billy? Scared? Huh… No, of course not!

Maybe a little bit…

Billy xx

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2 comments on “Going Bald
  1. The vet will help you feel better, B. Hang in there. Be brave.

    Love and licks,

    • Thanks Cupcake! I’m trying my hardest to be brave but whee pigs don’t really like the vets, then again I don’t think any creatures do. I guess they would be able to help me though so I’ll try and go in with the best grace that I can muster up!
      Billy xx

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