Whee Love Food Too!

The hooman was taking photos of the rabbits having their tea:


When whee started to feel a little bit jealous I mean, hey, aren’t whee supposed to rule this roost? When it comes to gaining the attention of the hoomans there are several options. For us, the whole paws-up-bar-chew idea really works!


In order to make ourselves the key focus of our Mummy’s attention once more whee immediately set to eating, because she appears to like taking photos of munching creatures!


Basically, whee will stop at nothing to have our Mum’s full attention – we are the stars of this blog after all, are we not?


Lots of wheeks for all of you,
Mop xx

P.S. The hooman is having difficulties with blogs at the minute – our one won’t load properly (whee have to trick the computer into allowing us on by taking round-about routes to get to ours) and whee also can’t load other blogs either. Is anybody else having these problems or is it something wrong with the hooman’s typing-blog-machine?

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4 comments on “Whee Love Food Too!
  1. Mom is reading happily in her reader, so no troubles here. Your computer is being naughty. Mom never takes my picture while I’m eating. I’m too fast for her – gobbling like a vacuum cleaner.

    Love and licks,

    • Like a vaccum cleaner – wow that is fast!
      Ours is the naughtiest computer in the world! Thanks for letting us know that yours is working fine, we’ll get our Mum to start fixing hers now.
      The Pigs xx

  2. Hello new friends welcome to the blogging world 🙂 xx

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