Thistle the Rabbit

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Hullo dere, t’name is Thistle. I’m one of the two resident rabbits ‘ere at ma hoomans’ place. I gotta story to share wid y’all if y’all do me the favour of listenin’ up.
Today, while me and ma friend Rosie were ‘aving a run in the garden we were attacked! Not by anythin’ that serious, mind so don’t go gettin’ all worried and all. Nah, we were attacked by one of the wee guinea-pigs that we share our ‘ome with.
Pip, that wee ginger pig attacked me and Rosie. Mind you, he’s only small so we can say that we were fair shocked when he came a chargin’ at us with his jaws parted!
Spat at us ‘uns ‘e did, growlin’ and a spittin’ somethin’ awful! The hoomans were fair horrified, as were we! Most indignantly we both went a charging off, runnin’ away across the garden to put distance between urselves and that wee pig.
The hoomans came racin’ out and went hurryin’ off after ‘im. Ye see they sometimes let one pair of the pigs out in the big wide garden where me and Rosie rule t’roost. This would ‘ave been Pip’s first time off out of ‘is run and I’m a guessing he wanted to show off ‘ow big he was to Cupcake and Mop and all dat. Still, it wasn’t very nice for me and ma friend.
The hoomans hurriedly put him back in his cage, just like they should’ve. He won’t be comin’ out for a run with us ever agin, nah, I guess us ‘uns will be spendin’ our time with the other, nicer pigs. We don’t generally mind them, I lived with ’em for a year or so before I got ma Rosie so I’m quite pally with the guinea pigs. Not Pip though, nah I ain’t liking him one bit!

Well, I guess dats all from me tooday. I hoped you’ve been likin’ ma post and all, the pigs don’t ‘alf ‘og this ‘ere blog!
‘Til next time, thanks for readin’ and all!
Thistle xx

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6 comments on “Thistle the Rabbit
  1. My goodness, T. That was a scary story. Thank goodness you and Rosie were quick as bunnies (see what I did there?) and got away safely. And that Mom was quick to put that maniac back inside.

    Love and licks,
    Cupcake (the dog)

    • Oh, I doo see what ye did der and I’m a thinkin’ that you are a rather smart dog! I’m a thankin’ goodness as well that we were able te run away, I wouldn’t ‘ave wanted to ‘ave to fight back and all as ‘e really is only little.
      Thanks so much for ye wee comment ‘ere, it does me ‘eart glad to ‘ear it!
      Thistle xx

  2. mollieandalfie says:

    That Pip doesn’t sound nice at all, good job you and Rosie weren’t hurt xxoxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. Clowie says:

    That Pip sounds like a very naught little piggy! I’m glad you were alert and got away in time.

    • ‘E really is, that wee thing! An incredibly naughty pig ‘oo likes to show ‘isself off infront of all te lasses ‘ere at our ‘ouse! Thanks for ye concern – we’re also glad that me and ma Rosie managed to get away before ‘e sank his teeth into us!
      Thistle xx

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