“Let Sleeping Pets Lie”

It’s clean cage day today and, fur some strange reason, whee always feel very tired after our cages have been cleaned out. It could be something to do with the fact that whee all get to have a good run around while the cages, and the room, are being tidied up. Even the rabboots were sleepy today!

Let Sleeping Rabbits Lie 2014-03-08 15.53.58 2014-03-08 15.54.09

So, a message to you hoomans, let sleeping creatures lie.

See y’all later,
Billy xx

Posted in From the Piggy Lips
4 comments on ““Let Sleeping Pets Lie”
  1. Ally Hill says:

    I love your posts & I come online every day just to check for an update 🙂 Keep squeaking ! ❤

  2. If all of you are so tired on cage cleaning day, I wonder how your Mom feels….

    Love and licks,

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