Guinea-Pig Crufts

Over the past two days whee and the hoomans have been settling down in the evening to watch a dog show on the TV. Our hoomans are calling it Crufts. I am finding it very exciting and I love to watch the flyball, those dogs really can run!
Another thing I like to see is the pretty dogs parading around the ring.
So, I decided whee pigs would hold our own competition.
Sadly Pip beat me in the agility trail (he’s a big more run-and-jumpy than I am) but I won the prettiest pig (of course, I mean, look at me!) so I got the blue ribbon!
The red ribbon would have been good but blue goes with my eyes so I’m perfectly happy!


I gave Pip first, he’s a rather handsome young thing and he’s very energetic! Dusty got third because he can really run when he wants to, wheek wheek wheek all the way home.


Billy, being my big funny cagemate that he is was awarded fourth! Doesn’t he look great with this green ribbon by his side? I’m so proud of him! Lots of hugs for my buddy, eh?
Mop didn’t really fancy participating so she got fifth.

I love a good, healthy competition!

Love from,

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2 comments on “Guinea-Pig Crufts
  1. Sounds like you had fun with your little “pig-o-rama” competition and EVERYBODY got a ribbon! Woo Hoo!

    Hugs, Sammy

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