A Pipsqueak-Sized Adventure

Clean Cage day…

“Just you watch me, Mop,” I muttered to my cagemate after we had been set in the news-paper lined basket on the floor. “I’m not sitting still today!”
The grey-and-white sow looked at me sleepily, slowly chewing on a strand of hay she held between her teeth. I waited for her to answer but instead she just grumbled and turned aside. 
With a soft chunner I popped easily out of the basket, resigning myself to the fact that Mop wasn’t going to join me. With a waggle of my ginger hind-quarters and a soft wheek I was off. My claws made a soft tapping on the floor as I snook off behind the hooman, heading towards the large chest of drawers in the corner of the room. The clumsy beast didn’t even realise I was gone until she turned to look down at the basket.
With a light heart and a happy face I peered out at her from my hidey-hole. “Hello!” I squeaked, turning and dashing back behind the drawers as she headed towards me. I poked my face out at the other side, glancing around at her. “Can’t catch me!”
“Pip!” She scolded, crouching down on the floor and stretching towards me with one hand.
I steadily backed off, crouching in the middle of the space where I knew she wouldn’t be able to reach me from either side. “Come on,” I invited, turning my head on one side slightly. “Why aren’t you picking me up?”
“Pip, come ‘ere.” She muttered, sitting down and crossing her legs in front of her as she watched me.
I chuckled to myself, what a brilliant game! I squeaked to my friends, telling them of my adventures. I was aware of Cupcake stretching up on the bars above me, squeaking her approval. I tossed my head proudly, I’d show that pretty little girl how to cause trouble!
It took them almost ten minutes to capture me. The hooman enrolled the help of the littler hoomans, which isn’t really fair: three of them against me! Eventually they scooped me up and popped me back into the cage.
My eyes shone as I looked up at them, my pink nose raised in an asking for the hay. My hooman looked down at me, laughed and proceeded to form a pile of hay in the corner of the cage.
With a soft sigh of contentment I pushed my way under the sweet-smelling strands and settled down for a nap.


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